Catch Orion’s Perron 8 train

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Agri-Pulse - RUSTENBURG - Gone are the grandiose days of buses, trains and boats, let alone twin dining cars, of the former South African Railways and Harbours.

Everyone knows someone with a magnificent story on trains especially during the pioneering days of South African public transport and those unfamiliar with the experience of boarding a train for a wonderful holiday at the coast, have undeniably missed “the bus” on a spectacular experience. But history aside, in Rustenburg those wishing to relive the romanticism and grandiose days of the South African Railways and in particular the immensely popular twin dining cars, now once again have the opportunity to enjoy an evening of fine dining and truly first class cuisine on Perron 8, formerly known as “The Coach” of the Orion Safari Lodge in Rustenburg.  “The Coach” was a highly popular getaway for patrons wishing to dine in style since its introduction at the Orion Safari Lode in 1985 but was sadly derailed when a devastating fire broke out at the hotel in 2015, largely destroying not only “The Coach” but also several areas of the lodge itself. For the past five years since the incident, the Orion Safari Lodge has worked tirelessly to restore the splendor of the grand old days of yesteryear and the fully restored dining coach now known as “Perron 8” was officially opened on 14 February (Valentine’s Day).  Decorated and refurbished in magnificent period style, Perron 8 awaits patrons who wish to celebrate a special event, an anniversary, a birthday or perhaps a new love for all you know and will undeniable transport diners into a culinary journey complimented by stylish and contemporary dishes.  The concept of twin dining cars in the South African Railways was born on 19 September 1919 in a letter from Mr W Hoy, the then general manager of South African Railways and Harbours, to Jean Michael Musset, the chief mechanical engineer of the SAR.  The first of these twin dining cars were built in Durban and Pretoria at an estimated cost of 10 225 pounds and instantly became a hit among railway passengers. “The Coach” dining car was retired from the rack in 1978 and found its home at the Orion Safari Lodge in 1985. Perron 8 is a highly entertaining, stylish and absolute splendid experience not to be missed. Bookings are essential - call 014 597 9000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enjoy the ride...